Customer service

Things you can easily arrange yourself.

You can easily perform a number of tasks yourself. For example, you can request an Extra Card, change your company limit or dispute a transaction.

Card(s) management


Application Extra Card


Termination of Business Card(s)


Activate your card

You can activate your Card via My ICS Business. Select the "Self management" tab, then "How do I Activate my Card?" and follow the instructions.


Make an iDEAL payment

Adding money to your business credit card or paying your amount due is fast and easy in My ICS Business.


Activate Visa Spend Clarity

You can activate Visa Spend Clarity via the Visa website.


Login Visa Spend Clarity

You can log in to Visa Spend Clarity via the Visa website.

Card holder


Transaction Dispute Report


Change Card limit

Increase or decrease the maximum amount your Cardholders can spend each month


Change company limit

Increase or decrease the maximum amount your company can spend


Change Of Address Cardholder


Change Of Address Cardholder


SEPA recurrent Direct Debit authorisation

Change company details


Company Spending Limit Increase


Change of company address


Contact Registration Form


Authorised Signatory Application Form


Change a company's legal entity


Registration Identity of Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s)

Change financial business information


Change Of Bank Account Number


SEPA recurrent Direct Debit authorisation

Visa Spend Clarity for Business

Visa Spend Clarity is an expense management solution from Visa linked to the Travelcard Business. This solution gives you full insight into and control over your business expenses. And no more chasing of receipts.

Minder tijd

Insight into expenses per employee

With Visa Spend Clarity it is easy to generate expense reports and analyses. You can also run reports at employee level and for each individual cost type.

Achteraf betalen

Easy linking of receipts to expenses

With the Visa Spend Clarity app, your employees will have no trouble linking their receipts to credit card transactions. This saves you time and means you no longer have to go and chase receipts.


Easy itemisation of expenses

You can itemise expenses for greater accuracy and transparent accounting. A valuable feature when filing your VAT returns.